When you’ve registered or have an interest in our services, we will plan an opportunity to get acquainted with each other. This first meeting will be free. After this meeting, we’ll decide if we go through with our coaching. All of our sessions are billed, unless we’ve agreed on something different. We’ll send you an invoice after our sessions.


As On Eagles Wings won’t be held responsible for direct or indirect damage a client experiences as a consequence of actions or decisions made as a result or during our trainings, sessions or advisement. Every responsibility of As On Eagles Wings applying to damages to your company or every other kind of damage is excluded.


It is important to us to invest in our clients. We do this by building a good relationship and maintaining that relationship. In between sessions, we still keep in contact.

We find it important to invest our coaching-skills in our community and fellow human beings and to not only focus on our own salary.

Our biggest target group are the entrepreneurs, but we also invest in individuals that we are in contact with. If needed, we help entrepreneurs by applying different costs to our sessions. With a few entrepreneurs we made an agreement on exchanging services. Individuals who cross our paths in a special way and who need a little push in the right direction, we try and be that push. The choice of helping or not helping in this way is based on ‘needs’ and ‘offers’: Do our skills fit with what is needed and do we believe that together we can make the right difference. We also maintain relationships with youth.

We do this all by consulting and with a balance between paid and pro bono hours.


At every session, there will be a female and male coach present.

Coaching for starters (0-1 year) € 100,- per hour
Coaching for entrepreneurs: € 125,- per hour
Coaching for SMEs: € 200,- per hour
Skype coaching: € 100,- to € 200,- per hour
Power coaching: € 125,00 per session

These prices don’t include VAT.

Most of the time, coaching is tax-deductible. However, the invoices need to be paid in the year you’re applying for tax return. You can inform your financial advisor about this.

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