Coaching sessions

We’ll help you to start focus on your goals in two hour sessions. We’ll use a clear, advising a practical method. In these sessions we’ll discuss short and long term points of action for us to apply in coaching you and for you to apply to your work and life. We encourage our clients to keep developing and growing in their goals. Every session we’ll close with a short evaluation.
In between sessions, the coaching doesn’t stop. We keep in contact with our clients via special group mails, in which we’ll answer questions, ask questions and to encourage them. This way, we’re always up to date to what’s going on in their process and lives.
If you’re on the road most of the time or have to travel outside the county, we can do our sessions by phone or on Skype instead.

Within a week you’ll be able to make an appointment with us for an intake, which will take place within 14 days of your request.
Allegiant, we’ll make a schedule that fits your personal requires.

Our sessions can take place in Amsterdam, Houten (near Utrecht) and are even possible at your office, home, congress, conference, training or reading. Anything is possible.

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